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    Knowing result of XML export from ExtendScript

    4everJang Level 3

      Does anyone have experience in tracking the status messages for an XML export from within ExtendScript ? One of my scripts publishes a book and all its chapters to XML and needs to report on possible errors that occurred. The export also includes running an XSLT for post processing. I can see the status messages in the console panel but I need to know the status from within the script, so that it can handle possible error situations elegantly.





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          Hi Jang,


          you can use FA_errno after your export, here is an example with an import :


              var newImport = doc.Import(textLoc, newFile, importParams, retParams); // Import graphic from picture
              if(FA_errno != 0) {
                  message = "Export aborted : Unable to import file : " + newFile;
                  if(FA_errno == Constants.FE_BadParameter) message += "\r\rError N° : " + FA_errno + ", Bad parameter\r\rCheck your structured applications definitions";
                  else if(FA_errno == Constants.FE_SystemError) message += "\r\rError N° : " + FA_errno + ", System error\r\rCheck your permissions on folder or on files you are trying to overwrite";
                  else message += "\r\rError N° : " + FA_errno;


          Hope it helps,