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    Dynamically applied css is ignored

    Tim. Signore Level 1


      I have come up against a recurring problem when using edge; when I try to apply css through code (rather than through the UI and timeline), it seems to get ignored if I have designed a value into that element's base state. I think I must be missing something, as this functionality is so basic to things like giving user feedback on button clicks.


      Case in point: I have a symbol "bigButton" on the stage. bigButton contains three divs(Easy, Medium and Hard) of different colours, each with a border. To target one of these, and test I'm getting the right element, I do the following:

      var theButton = sym.getSymbol("bigButton");

      var easyBtn = theButton.$("Easy");

      easyBtn.css("border", "3px solid red");


      No red border is applied, but developer tools reveal that I am targeting the correct element. I did a similar test in another document, with shapes that i had not applied a border to, and this time the red border appeared. If anyone has any suggestions or workarounds I would love to know.

      Many thanks,