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    photoshop wont resize to fit monitor resolution size on wacom 13" HD

    commando991 Level 1

      I go to switch photoshop from my big monitor screen over to my small wacom 13"HD display screen and the stupid program won't resize it self to fit the screen of the monitor !!
      Adobe really messed this up for the wacom product users.

      now I doubt I'll renew my sub for adobe cause of this I need the program to work in both size monitor screens when i want to switch them over .

      and what happened to photoshop CS 6 to be added to the list for creative cloud huh ?

      I used to use that one on my big monitor screen and photoshop cc on my wacom display so It wouldnt bug out when resizing to different size monitors.

      everything on my wacom cintiq 13"HD display for photoshop cc 2014 is all huge I have no room to do work in like I used to with the older version of photoshop !

      and the splash screen of the photoshop when it pops up to launch photoshop  is also huge it does not reaise it self either.

      I am on window 8.1 pro the new free upgrade from microsoft.

      I'm not sure if this a adobe screw up on their part or microsoft 81. pro upgrade bug or what !

      but its pissing me off.

      if I can do my work like i used to in photoshop I won't renew my membership for creative cloud and I just work on my other programs like manga studio 5 and sketchbook pro 6 which they all resize them self on my wacom cintiq 12"HA display with no problems at all.

      this new version of photoshop cc 2014 has problems and seem to be a wast eof my time now.

      if this is not fix fast I switch over to gimp which is a free program just like photoshop and I won't have to pay a dime for that program !

      so adobe get off your high horse and fix this issue or lose a value paid member !!!