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    Actions and extensions


      Hi all


      So here's my issue.


      I have a project on illustrator, with multiple documents (or a single multipage doc) with a design and a different QRCode placed at the same place on all pages.


      So I guessI need to create an action that will duplicate a page, and put a QRCode at the specific place, the list of links being provided by an external document (Excell, word, whatever).

      So far, I have found an extension that will allow me to create those QRCodes.
      But I didnt find how I could integrate the action of calling up the extension while recording the action script, and how to link it to the external document.


      So if someone could tell me how, or what workflow I could use to achieve this goal it would be great.


      Furthermore, I guess i will need to use the variables for the list of urls, and I dont know exactly how to use those yet. If someone could explain, or link to a good page where this would be explained I would appreciate.

      Please feel free to ask for extra details if needed...


      Best regards