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    draggable - scale div relative to position on stage


      I wanted to know is it possible to scale an element in EA relative to its position on the stage (when it is dragged)? 


      For example, if the element is at the bottom of the stage(400px) it displays at 100%, if it moves up to the middle of the stage (200px) it scales down to 50%. 


      I have made the element 'Rectangle' in my animation draggable by using the draggable Jquery UI function below.  I have found some code that will reduce the div to 50% of its original size when I begin to drag it.  However, what I would like to do is adjust the size of the div  relative to its x position on the stage.  As 'Rectangle' is dragged from the bottom of the stage to the top, it scales down.  And vice versa.



      start: function(){



      stop: function(){