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    Mavericks and RAM clogging issue when rendering

    jeffbottom Level 1

      hi All


      I recently upgraded to mavericks and am greatly concerned by the new memory allocation and its impact on my AE workflow.


      I work a lot with compositions that involve numerous (as in 100+) copies of the same source video that have been offset in time from each other. This is usually a nightmare for AE and requires some very delicate balancing of RAM and CPU resources. For example a comp with 128 layers will take 10mins to render with 4GB per process but will take 9 hours with 3GB per process... or vice versa a 50 layer comp will take 10 mins but only 5 more layers will take 3 hours... I'm used to this and have spent a long time working out how best to optimise render times.


      In steps Mavericks with its fancy memory management and suddenly it all goes to s#!t. Multiprocessing throws up those odd 'could not find itemframe' errors so I kiss goodbye to my MP but then ben SP with 24GB allocated is wigging out. First couple of comps are fine, 15min, then 17 min, the 24, then 5 and half hours !


      it's driving me nuts. the only thing I can think of (bar going back to 10.8) is a render script that includes a RAM purge between each comp in the queue, though i'm not even sure that's possible.


      any solutions or suggestions greatly appreciated.




      (I should mention this is on a Mac Pro, 2x 3.33GHz, 32GB RAM, ProAvio Raid)