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    preview animation works in Edge and Muse (in chrome) but published site does not!

    allenjennings Level 1

      I have an Edge animation that worked fine in Chrome, Safari and IE.


      The last time I published my Muse site (To BC) again (since update to CC2014) it no longer worked in Chrome!


      Preview in browser (Chrome) from edge works, preview in browser (Chrome) from Muse works, publish and it doesn't work in Chrome (but does in Safari and IE).


      Have been trawling for possibilities but I'm not that web techy! Any help would be appreciated


      Here are some screen shots.

      This is Safari with the edge animation in the top rectangle:

      edge safari.jpg

      I tried putting a graphic underneath in Muse so that at least with edge not working in Chrome, nor showing the poster frame, there would be something there as shown here:

      edge_safari - BG image under.jpg

      However this did not work in Chrome so I simply see the stage BG colour with no animation as shown here:


      I have made sure that the stage action is set to play the animation - it is nothing more than simple text and rectangles moving in, and then a video (the same px size as the stage) coming in a the end, and as I say it worked in Chrome, and still works in IE and Safari!

      Thanks in advance.