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    Flash CS5: Can't select frame and instance at same time!


      I'm studying action script 3.0 through lesson in the book "adobe flash cs5 classroom in a book" and after completing lesson one I went to lesson two.


      It tells me to make an instance then select it, then go to a frame in my actions layer and use a snippet. problem is when I try this I get the message I must have an instance selected. when ever I select the instance on the stage it says I can't write code into an instance.


      Whats happening? why can I no longer select them both? I even went back to project one and repeated my normal steps I had been doing during that one and it no longer lets me do what I had just been doing only 15 minutes earlier.


      What would cause this? was it messing up before hand, and if so what was I doing wrong? By what it sounds like I need to have the instance and the frame selected at the same time but it just wont let me.