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    Flash FLVPlayback video sometimes doesn't load



      I've a problem with FLVPlayback component in Flash.

      I've created .swf file (www.webmoderator.cz/reference2.swf) with Adobe Flash CS6, containing only FLVPlayback component pointing to .flv video (www.webmoderator.cz/reference2.flv). I've used my own play buttons (www.webmoderator.cz/SkinOverPlay.swf). Whole .fla file is available at www.webmoderator.cz/reference2.fla. Then this file included in www.webmoderator.cz/do.php?text=seznam.cz page.

      Problem description:
      Sometimes when I open that page (or even .swf file alone), video doesn't even load (and doesn't start). This does not seem to be a problem with .swf including, but rather with .swf file itself (as it doesn't work even when loading .swf file alone).
      What browser do I use doesn't matter, problem occurs in FF, Safari and Opera.


      Currently I'm lost, because this problem seems to go beyond my limited knowledge of Flash. Does anybody have idea what could be wrong?


      Thanks for your time,