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    Check InDesign data merge template for errors without creating document?

    alanomaly Level 1

      I've got a big InDesign template with hundreds of rows. Producing a full batch takes over an hour, and sometimes crashes. The deadline is fast approaching, and I'm waiting for the final minor amendments to the content spreadsheet, which could virtually land any minute.


      I want to check for overset text errors on the current sheet without creating a merged document or PDF, so I can get on with fixing any likely major problems before the final sheet arrives - but I don't want to create a full merged doc, because that will take a very long time and will that doc's content will be obsolete, whereas the overall length of the text will change very little.


      When you create a merged document, you have the option to turn "Generate overset text report" off. What I want to do, is ONLY generate the overset text report, without actually storing the merged document in memory.


      Is this possible?


      The closest I can see is click through the "Next" button in the Data Merge palette with Preview turned on, while watching the "No errors" preflight panel notification at the bottom of the screen. This is probably faster than creating a full merge, but still very slow.