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    Auto-resize text boxes to fit new margins

    Federicopr Level 1

      I am working with a 300 plus page document and I need to auto-resize all the text boxes to new margins.  I can't afford to start a new document with the new settings since it has become too complex to start over again.   I am a novice user so forgive my ignorance. Any help will be appreciated.

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          rajsre Adobe Employee

          If you have used "primary text frame" for text flow, this is what you need to do:

          Go to master pages, set the new margins and adjust the primary frames to the margins.

          Text frames on all pages should follow the master settings.

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Select all the pages that need adjusting in the pages panel (better

            still -- if they've got a master applied to them, select the relevant

            master pages).


            Then, go to Layout>Margins and columns, and check the checkbox that says

            "Layout adjustment" to turn on layout adjustment.


            Then modify the margins as you wish, and all text frames that lie on the

            margins will adjust along with the margins (however, any text frames

            that do not lie on the margins will stay where they are).

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              Federicopr Level 1

              I am working with CS5 so still using master text frames.

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                Federicopr Level 1

                Thanks Ariel! that did it.  I will have to work manually the frames that were not touching the margins, but that is a major relief.  got to keep learning basic stuff.  thanks again.

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                  eedeycv Level 1

                  Hi, none of this works for me. I have a 425 page manuscript where I've had to shrink the inside gutter, but I can't find a way to resize the text boxes, outside of going in and doing each one, one at a time, by hand. There's got to be something better I can do with the next three hours of my life--please help! Thanks!


                  I've tried selecting all the text boxes and resizing them--nada. Resized the gutters in the A Master, but it didn't have any effect on the text boxes themselves.



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                    ninaa63556147 Level 1

                    I'm with you. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the most common issue with laying out books is NOT adequately addressed anywhere online, including this thread.

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                      jebliv Level 1

                      I teach an intro class on InDesign (though I'm far from an expert) and my "example" of how to adjust margins blew up on me the other day because of some of the issues in this thread. it was one of those afternoons where I went to show an example to the class and it wouldn't work, and I was sitting there saying, "this has always worked before ...."


                      My usual advice is to try and adjust margins on master pages when possible, rather than selecting individual pages. Because if you do the individual page route, the next time you insert pages based on the original master page, the old margins are going to reappear.


                      But there are a few tricks:


                      - First, you have to select BOTH master pages in the page panel, and then pull down Layout->Margins and Columns

                          (otherwise, you just get new margins on one page)

                      - Second, when that dialog box opens, you have to check the "Enable Page Layout" box FIRST, before you do anything else.

                      - Third, you adjust your margins and click "Okay."


                      If you reverse steps 2 and 3, the margins will resize to the new values, but existing text boxes on your existing pages will not change. That's what was happening to me in class. I was getting that order wrong. So InDesign is being a little finicky here. It's saying, "You have to tell me we're going to be adjusting page layouts BEFORE you make any margin changes." You'd think the underlying computer code would be smart enough to take the two settings in either order, but apparently, there's a bug in the code (or a "feature").


                      The other way InDesign can be finicky is if you have manually adjusted any text boxes on existing page in your document. Maybe you make a text box slightly longer to get rid of a widow/orphan, for example. If you've manually changed a text box, InDesign often won't update it, or updates on the left, right, and top margins, assuming that "if you broke it, you bought it" and you're the one who has to do updates now to the bottom portion of the box.  


                      So my usual advice is to try very hard NOT to adjust master page items--or at least not until a design has fully gelled and you need to start making manual tweaks for a few odd pages here and there (and there will always be a few). But resist early urges to mess around with master page items. Let your design settle out.