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    Special Characters in imported HTML

    paulpsd7 Level 1
      I've got a Flash piece where the user fills out a questionnaire, and based on their responses, they are shown a handful of recommendations. These recommendations are all separate HTML files that load into a scrolling text field as HTML text.

      There is an English version and a Spanish version. The English version works fine.

      In the Spanish version, on the other hand, we've got special characters such as accents over e's, tildes over n's, and so forth.

      In the HTML, I've used codes for special characters, such as ñ for ñ. That didn't work. In the resulting recommendations, this code appears, not the ñ.

      Then I tried just putting the special characters into the HTML, without the special code. That looks fine on my computer (Mac G5 running Firefox), but on Windows IE instead of the special characters, we get one of those diamond shapes with a "?" in the middle of it.

      In my recommendations field, I have it set to embed all characters. The font is Verdana, which should include the special characters. Does anyone know if the display of special characters in Flash is possible, and how I would do it?