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    Numbering School Agenda


      I am designing a school agenda. The format is roughly outlined below.


      Month               week nr        Month

      Monday NR                         Nr Thursday

      Tuesday NR                        Nr Friday

      Wednesday NR            Nr Saturday Nr Sunday


      Now, I want to number these days automatically, starting at monday the fourth of August. How do I perform such a task?

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          gert verrept Level 2

          use the data merge function. Create a excel file with the right labels on first row, and start the year on the 4th August. Save as a csv file (or a tab delimited txt file). Create your basic template, select the file and let data merge do the rest.

          Otherwise, look for the calendar script for Indesign, maybe you get a basic template to start with.

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            Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5

            Hi Gert,


            I don't understand RGRMS's layout but I think that can be done quickly in Excel, using the good date format and formulas, selecting the cells, copy them and directly paste the "table" in ID. Then 2 little grep researches.


            Search:  \s\S+\s\d+

            Replace by nothing

            On the 3rd column:

            Search:  (\S+)(\s)(\d+)

            Replace by: $3$2$1

            Obviously, depends on the layout!