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    CS5 Application Manager keeps alerting re updates

    MacEachaidh Level 1

      Yep, still on CS5.  Last two days, the Application Manager keeps alerting me to updates being available for InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash Pro.  If I let it go through the download, all four updates fail, with a message to close the App Manager and try again later.


      A short while later, it goes through the same process, with the same outcome.


      I don't have any Adobe apps launched at the time this happens, and when I manually go to the download page on the Adobe site, there are no updates listed for the CS5 level of the applications.


      Does anyone know what might be triggering this, and how I can tell the Application Manager to settle down?


      (Since there aren't likely to be any more updates to CS5, I'm guessing, perhaps I could de-activate the Manager's polling?  But how do I do that?  It doesn't load on Windows start-up, and I can't find it in the Task Scheduler.)