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    Looking for help with Ink Swatches - strange problem

    Paul - Laura Marr

      Good day.


      I just noticed today that I am having a problem with my ink swatches.


      I went to add a new color - PMS 287 U to my Ink Swatches. So, I changed the type to Spot and went to change the Color Mode to Pantone Solid Uncoated.


      However, when I scrolled down, it kept scrolling.   It shows my color books (the normal 20 or so that I've always seen), but then repeats the list about 8 times.


      The repeated books are in the same order as the first 20 or so.  Then when I pick the Pantone Uncoated color book, it give me Pantone PC colors instead of the U.  If I pick Pantone Solid Matte, it gives me HKS E colors.


      Anyway, I'm guessing it was from a forced restart after InDesign crashed, but I'm not sure how to get all the "extra" color books out of my list.


      They only show up once in the /Presets/Swatches folder.



      Thanks for any help.