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    Camera not detected - LR 5.5 & Nikon D7100 tethering


      Hi everyone, I've done a search and don't seem to be able to find a solution to my problem.


      I have been unable to tether my Nikon D7100 to LR 5.5.  I am using the USB cable supplied with the camera directly into my desktop USB 2.0 (not using a hub), the firmware of the camera is up to date (1.01) and it is on the list of supported cameras.


      Based on Google searches I have tried the following, all to no avail:

      • initiating the tethering session before turning the camera on and vice versa
      • set the camera remote control mode to quick-response remote
      • with empty, formatted SD cards installed
      • without SD cards installed
      • be patient and wait for the camera to be recognised


      My computer is running Windows 8.1 on a fresh install.  I just had to reinstall Windows last week when my bluray player died but tethering wasn't working before that either.  When I first attempted tethering last month and it wasn't working I assumed it would be resolved when I got around to reinstalling Windows but sadly not.


      When I connect the camera it is recognised by Windows and I can import images into LR from the camera via USB. 


      I would be grateful for any suggestions you could give for how to get tethering working.  If I have missed out any information please just let me know and I will provide it.


      Many thanks in advance