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    Why are both my Creative Cloud and Adobe Application Manager suddenly corrupted?


      So, at first, I was having the problem that the Creative Cloud software I was trying to download from Adobe, was being "Corrupted with Error: 205". It was taking a long time to install, so I thought it was problems with my computer, but after I tried ten times after that, I really was beginning to think it was a problem with the installer. I went to chat with a representative on the customer support page, and the lady who I was given directions from told me to just delete a bunch of folders from my computer- and then install Adobe Application Manager. However, when I tried installing the Application Manager- I was having the same problem I had before with the Creative Cloud. It would start downloading, but then stop and say it was corrupted. The lady who was helping me told me it was just my internet speed, but I really don't feel like that was the issue. Now, I can't even try to install the Creative Cloud- all of the apps I want free trials from just try to download to the Application Manager- which tries to re-install itself every time. I was told to create a whole new user on my computer now... I just feel that this is a lot of work for a corrupted file. What if this happens again on my new user? Is anyone else having problems like this?