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    Multiple widgets and control over shared media

    dalstondavid Level 1

      Hi, this is such an obvious thing that it must have been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't see it, so please accept all the usual apologies for duplication...


      Here's the thing:


      • I am producing a number of different widgets for an ibook.
      • Each widget is created using a different Edge Animate project.
      • Some of the media files used for each project are used in multiple projects, but not all of it.
      • I am saving all my Edge Animate files in the same project folder.
      • This means (I think) that all the projects share the same media library, and when I create the widget the entire contents of that library is replicated in the media folder for each widget.
      • This must massively increase the overall size of each widget, and result in an unnecessarily bloated ibook.


      Is there a way to strip out unused media from each widget (without doing it manually)? Or is there a way to include only the media used in a particular project (like an 'archive' function in Final Cut, if anyone's familiar with that)? I could in theory save each Edge project in a separate folder, which would mean copying the media library in too, and still having to strip out manually. Essentially each widget contains the entire media content of all widgets.


      Or... am I missing something?


      Many thanks for any help and greetings from London