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    Color Separations When Using "Print Booklet" feature

    CMIC Dan

      My document has a 2-color logo (black & spot PMS 485) and a 10% black screen on it.  When I make a pdf using the export to pdf everything breaks out correctly.  When I use the print booklet feature and "print" it as a pdf or postscript it changes some of the black in my logo to 4-color black.  It also changes the 10% black screen to 4-color.  I've tried just about every setting I can think of and can't seem to get it to break out correctly.


      The below images show what I'm talking about.  The top part of each image is the original InDesign file.  The bottom images are after they have been inserted into the print layout.  The one on the left shows with all colors shown and the one on the right shows the black turned off in the separations preview.  You can see on the bottom of the right one the black screen is still showing and the black in the logo is also because somehow they have been converted to 4-color.