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    How to scroll a symbol with a separate button


      Hi, first of all im sorry for my poor english, it isn't my native languaje.

      Im creating a simple web site in Edge Animate and I'm need to create a separated button that scroll an especific element with an overflow:scroll in certain number of pixels.

      Here is an simple example of what I need to do:


      I need to make that the pink button scrolls the yellow box in to the 7th line of the text. In this case the yellow box is grouped in a symbol placed in the stage with the pink button.


      I was trying with these codes:



            $("box").animate({scrollTop: element.offset().top}, "slow");




            $("box").animate({"scrollTop":"600px"}, 750)


      But they aren't working at all.


      I will appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.