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    Edge animate site is not displaying in IOS devices...


      I've recently just started using Muse and Edge Animate. I've built a basic holding page for my site. http://www.tommybreen.com and while it works perfectly on all Desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari & Firefox - Mac OSX) its doesn't display anything other than the black static header banner. I've hooked the ipod up to my mac and used the developer tools to see what errors it show up and these are the two errors in the list. How can I fix this?


      It seems to be a problem in the preload js. Firstly I had no preloader and it didn't work so I though I should add a basic preload from the program but it still doesn't work.


      Pretty carp if Edge animate can't publish code without errors for ios devices. The sites not even that complicated. Hopefully its a newbie error.


      Error report below:

      [Error] TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'n.parentNode.insertBefore')

        injectJs (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)

        (anonymous function) (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)

      [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'AdobeEdge.okToLaunchComposition(compId)')

        edgeCallback (index_edgePreload.js, line 5)

        j (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)

        (anonymous function) (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)

        h (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)

        (anonymous function) (index_edgePreload.js, line 2)