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    creative cloud desktop interfering with windows programs


      Thought all should be aware, We use a secure communication terminal esker persona thinterm.exe,

      The program would run in the process window, but not on the desktop windows.

      After turning off all the Operating System startups using the msconfig.exe (startup tab),

      I found that C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\ACC\Creative Cloud.exe --showwindow=false --onOSstartup=true 

      was preventing at least that thinterm.exe from running properly.

      I disabled the creative cloud.exe during the startup, however when the desktop creative cloud is manually started, the same problem occurred.

      We have been using thinterm for almost 8 years, and thought ya'll should be aware of this.

      My operating system is Windows 7 Pro, PC, Intel I7, 64 bit