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    Still need help.


      Rohit Chopa are you there? Thanks for your help. Site is working. problem: I'm still seeing/finding site analysis screens/ chat screens when I look up gallerytmiketraver.com  Can these be removed? I only want the web site to pop up when t....

      As I was going live I had problems getting my domain to work with BC. The process included involvement with chat groups. Once site started to work, I also discovered that some chat screens have also showed up on search engine results. How can I remove all screens related to domain name except for the actual site itself? Thanks Mikde

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          TS-Rohit Adobe Employee

          Hi Mikde,


          Glad the site worked for you. But I'm not clear about what 'chat screens' in particular are you referring to here. I can see the site is running fine and also google results it fine as shown here http://prntscr.com/3z42d5. If you are specifically concerned about the Google search results, that is not related to your site map here gallerytmiketraver.com/sitemap.xml, I would suggest to consult your SEO expert.


          Further to this, In order to make sure that we understand the nature of this issue correctly please be so kind as to send us a video depicting the exact steps that you perform. A very useful (and free!) screen shot tool is Jing - www.jingproject.com.


          Please be suggested to reply back on the ticket generated from chat that we did earlier.


          Kind Regards,