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    Simplified Import Window and Develop Preset



      1)  I have (and use) a develop preset for my DSLR. I import to LR5.5 via the Simplified Import Window from my camera's CF card to a destination folder within Lightroom.

      2)  I have my personalized D800 develop preset selected in the middle of that simplified import window.

      3)  Nonetheless, the develop preset is not applied when importing and converting images to DNG.


      Note: If I chose to use the full develop window, my D800 develop preset *is* automatically applied to all imported images without any special action on my part.

      My workaround presently is to use the simplified import window, and after importation I select all the imported images while in the library module, and then apply my D800 develop preset to all the images. I can do that successfully.


      So.........have I missed a setting somewhere within a menu? LR Help makes this operation sound like a no-brainer, but is making me feel like I have no brains, or not enough brains.


      A bit of help if you would? And thank you.