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    Force Acrobat 11 Digital IDs To Use Friendly Name Of Certificates?


      We do a lot of signing of PDF documents in Acrobat 11 Standard using digital IDs.  These digital IDs are synced from our smart cards to the Windows certificate store.  By default, Acrobat displays these certificates using First Name + Last Name format in the "Sign As" certificate picker.  This can be confusing for users as there are multiple certificates that have different key usages.


      To remedy this, we developed a script that will prepend the key usage extension to the Friendly Name on the certificates in the Windows store.  The problem is there does not appear to be any apparent way to force Acrobat to use this Friendly Name besides manually going into Digital ID and Trusted Certificate Settings then Personalize the digital ID.  Interestingly enough, Acrobat does pick up the Friendly Name at this point so it is aware of it.  Is there any way to automate this process so that users would not have to do it manually?  I discovered that personalizing the digital ID using the manual process generates a registry value under \cPubSec\cExtendedCertInfo in HKCU which makes sense per Digital Signatures but this does not appear to be very helpful from an automation perspective.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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          I've attached an image to give you a better idea of what I'm referring to.  If you notice the first selection in the dropdown menu, it has ESP DigitalSignature + First Name + Last Name.  This is how we would like all the IDs to be formatted.  I had to manually personalize this one to get it to use the Friendly Name in the certificate store.  The next two entries showing my first name is the default view which is confusing to users because all of them look the same.