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    Poor memory management - render slows down over time

    RobertJF Level 1

      I've noticed an ongoing issue with my renders that involve footage. i.e. not purely animated from shape layers etc. stuff but which rely on image sequences as assets. I have plenty of free RAM at the beginning with no other applications open. When I start the render my CPU usage is quite high and AE grabs up memory and gives it to a number of aeselflink processes. Over time however in my iStatMenus I can see my "active" RAM slipping and my "inactive" RAM going up, while at the same time my CPU usage slows down as my render gradually grinds to a halt. It's as if once it loads a frame of my footage into RAM for rendering it can't let go of it completely once it's done so gradually it eats up all my RAM and my render slows down. If I stop the render and do nothing but run an app to flush all the "inactive memory" into "free memory" and immediately restart the render things are back to their normal speedy operation. Then it proceeds to slow down gradually again. Anyone else know what's going on here? All the footage is located on external eSATA drives and is rendering to external eSATA drives. Here are my specs for reference:



      AE CC 2014 (v

      Mac Pro 3,1 (early 2008) 8-core

      18 GB RAM

      Memory and Multiprocessing:

      Installed RAM 18GB

      RAM to leave for other apps 5GB

      CPUs reserved for other apps 2

      RAM Allocation per CPU 3GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used 3


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!