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    Camtasia File Link Problem

      I have 5 Camtasia video tutorials that I am linking to from my Help topics. To get the navigation bars on the video window I had to move the swf files and several related files into my Baggage files folder and then link to the HTML version of the video file which is at my main project level. I am having a problem with one of these. It had previously not worked (no navigation) and the folder it is in was renamed to make it consistent with the others. When that didn't work it was renamed back to the original name. Original folder name (and file names) was 'creation overview' and rename was 'creation_overview'.'

      I have removed that folder a number of times and put it back into the project from its original source. I've cleared that video out of my baggage files and put them back in fresh several times. I've cleared the links and redone them to the HTML file at project level.

      The issue is that this particular video link when clicked tries to go to the SSL/WebHelp output folder which I've never linked to and find the old name with the underscore (when the folder was renamed). This name with the underscore in it seems to have become embedded in some code somewhere and I can't get rid of it and make the link go to the project level HTML file like I want to. Every time I regenerate the project, the application tries to find this link in the output folder instead of where I have the link set (the HTML file).

      If anyone knows how I can clear this up I would greatly appreciated your assistance.

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          Hi Wayne,

          I was having a similar problem. Rather than deal with the multiple files needed to run a video in the standard swf production, I chose to produce in the "swf Legacy" format, which allows you to import a single swf file. (this won't work for you if you have TOC in the video.)

          Here's how I do it:

          When producing in Camtasia, select Custom Productions Settings.
          Select Flash for the file format.
          Select "Legacy Swf output" from the drop-down list.
          (after that, select whatever settings you want and finish the production).

          In RoboHelp, open the topic you want the video to play through.
          Go to Insert, and select Multimedia. Find the swf file that you produced and hit OK.

          Hope it works for you. If not, I know there is a fix for dealing with those multiple files, just can't remember how it worked.

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            eadgc Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! I'll investigate that on this end for future videos they may produce. I don't know if I can do anything about the existing ones. However, if you remember the fix for multiple files, please reply back.

            Thanks again.

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              Hi Wayne

              I have a lot of camtasia vids in a webhelp project, swf (not legacy) and flv and they are working okay for me.

              Re 'no navigation' - the first thing that comes to mind is a missing baggage file, but it sounds like you already covered that. How many baggage files are you importing?

              for example baggage files I have:

              Also remember to bring in flashobject.js - forgetting that caused me probs getting content to play.

              Are the baggage files existing in the same folder as the the html page?

              I had some probs getting things to work to begin, but my method now is to import baggage files into the correct folder first, then import the html file as produced by Camtasia, then add the link from the Robo htm file to the Camtasia produced html file.

              As for the link to the SSL folder, that sounds like the path for the link as set in Robo, but again, if you've removed and re-added the link, not sure what's going on there.

              Sure you've already thought of it, but did you remove the folder from within RoboHelp or using Windows Explorer?

              The only thing I can think of to test it would be to produce the vid again from within camtasia but use a different file name, then try bringing the baggage files into a new 'test' target folder, then import the html file and set up the link etc.

              I've been using X5 and Camtasia 3.x & 4.x