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    addeventlistener for FLVPlayback VideoError

    eudoxis3 Level 1



      I am really stuck on finding a solution to detect when a connection problem is present on the FLVPlayback component:


      If I try the following:


      V1.addEventListener (VideoError.NO_CONNECTION, sourceFailed);


      function sourceFailed (e:VideoError):void
          var vError:uint = 1000;
          if (e == VideoError(vError))
              trace("3 - VideoError: " + e)

             trace("3b - VideoError: " + e)




      I get the error: Scene 1, Layer 'Scripts', Frame 1, Line 96 1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type uint to an unrelated type String.


      can anyone suggest a code snipplet that works?


      Many many thanks