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    Help with setting up render solution


      Hello All,

      Im an IT Manager of a small animation studio that mainly uses Adobe After Effects. We currently have about 15 or so AE artists and 15 workstations. Some of our artists claimed that at previous companies that they have worked at, they had a better workflow in regard to rendering. When i picked their brain in further, they gave me some interesting ideas in regard to how it should be setup. Unfortunately, info online is scattered all over the place and calling support has gotten me nowhere. Does anyone have ideas or experience in setting up render solutions for studios using AE?


      I read about the watch folder but cant seem to get it working. The main objective is to push render jobs to other computers (that arent being used) so that our artists dont have to render on their local machine. We do use some 3rd party plugs from Red Giant.

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          And what? You have not provided a shred or really tangible info. And whether rendering on other machines is actually "a better workflow" is subject to point of view to begin with. Depending on what's involved it could be just as awkward. Well whatever. Nothing in your post to even get started.



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            Since I'm new to this space, I'm looking for any feedback or advice. From my understanding, other studios push the heavy lifting of renders to other computers. This frees up the rendering from being done on the local machine. This also doesnt require our artists to sit around idle where theyre rendering a complex sequence.


            Can someone provide some alternative workflows for our needs? Can I get some ideas in regard to how to setup a render farm or push the renders to other computers on the network? Or has somoene successfully setup the watch folder option?