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    Can anyone tell me why my Lightroom 4 is not recognizing/showing my Users folder?

    n2light Level 1

      My Lightroom 4 no longer shows my c:/Users folder in left-hand column in the Library or Import module so I'm unable to view or import my photos.  Tried uninstall/reinstalling with no luck.  It does indicate the correct number of photos in the users/my pictures folder, but only 'shows' a small fraction of the total photos in the My Photos folder.  If I choose 'other source' in the import module and go all the way to the c:\users\...My Pictures folder, it begins importing all the images, but when finished, just shows the same small number of photos again.  I'm probably wrong, because I've never understood how the OS uses the Desktop\Pictures folder in relation to the c:\users\....My pictures folder, but it looks like my LR4 is pulling my photos from my Desktop\Pictures folder instead of the C:\...My pictures folder.  It's only on my pc laptop that it's doing this.  My pc desktop is working fine.  I use Windows 7.  Any help is much appreciated!