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    Website Help!

      I am working on a website design and recently created an external pre-loader movie that loads another external swf when it reaches 100%.

      However now that I have finished building the pre-loader movie and I test it in flash, the bandwith profiler shows it has 11KB of information it has to load before the pre-loader shows up on visit in web browser.

      Can someone take a look at my file linked below via zip file and help me figure out how to get the content below the red line in the bandwith profiler and get the 11Kb down to 114B or below red line on all bandwith profiles.


      Thanks for any help in advance - I have spent days trying everything without conpromising the look of the loader and can not figure it out - small hint I noticed when I remove the loading bar bitmap mask the profiler shows it below red line - however I need the bitmap mask image over lading bar.

      Thank in advance - take a look at file to understand my above rambling!