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    Problem with Failure text on Click Boxes (Cp7)

    Craigg1964 Level 1

      HI everyone.


      Not sure if I am going crazy.

      I have a click box on a screen, not scored, that I would like to display the failure text if the user clicks in the wrong spot. Sounds simple enough and works if I have no Forward and Back buttons on the page.


      As soon as I add some smartshape buttons as Forward and Back the Failure text does not work.


      Am I missing something????

      Click Box is set to infinite attempts, Go to next slide on success. Pause project until user clicks. Pause to show captions. Captions displaying for 3 secs. The smartshape navigation buttons have no pauses set.


      Thought it maybe the quiz settings even though the click box is not scored. Set Branched Aware and Allow Backward movement. No Success


      Can anyone help out? or have I found a bug with Cp7?


      Thanks in advance