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    iTunes and Lightroom 5


      Does Lightroom 5 work with iTunes on a Apple computer?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have iTunes installed on my PC. In what way would you expect Lightroom to work "with" iTunes?

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            Juneau24 Level 1

            in iTunes I don't see Lightroom app to install photos on my iPhone, like Aperture and iPhoto does.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That's what Lightroom Mobile is for. It's part of Lightroom 5. 4 and later. I can't discuss it any further because I don't use it.

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                Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Jim is correct, the Apple world is fairly closed but now with Lightroom mobile photos can be synced in both directions.

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                  Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There are many ways to put Lightroom photos on an iPhone. It doesn't work exactly like Aperture and iPhoto do, because Aperture, iPhoto, and iPhone are all made by Apple so Apple ties them together tightly. But you can still do it easily.


                  If you have the Lightroom app on your iPhone and a Creative Cloud subscription, you can simply sync any Lightroom collection to LIghtroom on the iPhone.


                  But for years before Lightroom existed on iPhone, I've put Lightroom photos on my iPhone by going into iTunes and changing iTunes photo sync from iPhoto to a folder on my Mac. I would then export photos from Lightroom into that folder, and the next time I synced my iPhone, the image files show up in the Photos app on the iPhone.


                  Others do something easier: They set up a Lightroom Publish Service to the folder iTunes is set to sync photos with, so that manual exporting isn't even needed. Just by adding photos to the Publish Service, they will be transferred to the iPhone during the next sync.