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    Developer Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r52 embedded in Family Tree Maker 2012 & 2014 - Vulnerability


      Here is the issue.


      I have Windows 8.0.  Flash runs fine on the Internet Explorer - no problem.

      But I have a third party software company (Family Tree Maker v. 2014) which has a flash .exe file that is outdated and causes a vulnerability (per Kaspersky).

      The version of flash embedded in the program is Adobe Flash Player 10.1 r52.  The file name is "Tutorial_PC.exe" and is 6,311 KB.  Under file properties under the Details it states the file version as (also it is the same for Product version).  I also see the original file name as "SAFlashPlayer.exe".

      A Date Modified is 8/5/2011.


      Is there not an updated developer version of flash that is secure and doesn't produce vulnerability flags which either I can exchange with this version or Family Tree Maker can rebuild their new software with?


      Thank you


      - vaw