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    Ambient Occlusion with C4D lite issue

    choobysnacks Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I am having issues with applying Ambient Occlusion to my text in this scene. Basically what i want to do is have the text go into the cement wall. (As it appears with the plane underneath the text in the picture) But i keep running into issues with this. How can i bring the floor and text into after effects without having to complete one pass in C4D. Basically i want the luxury of editing the text further in after effects and not completing the shot in C4D.


      Then i finally was able to get it right with using a floor and using the compositing tag. However, i can't seem to figure out a way to send separate passes to after effects that will account for the text going into the stone (as seen in the last photo)


      to sum everything up, all i want in after effects is the 3D text with the Ambient Occlusion and the penetration of the text applied. (Everything in the last photo excluding the background)


      (What i want it to look like with wall in place of plane)



      (What it looks like without Ambient Occlusion)



      (What i want the shot to look like)



      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Why would anyone? Your workflow makes no sense. AE text and C4D don't interact and that is just that. You can't have proper AO without the ray evaluation seeing the obstructing geometry in its path and all the crevices. Whether the two text tools ever will work in this manner is open to speculation, but I've heard worse ideas, so there's a good chance.



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            choobysnacks Level 1

            The text was created in c4d not after effects. Basically what I'm doing in this shot is creating a blur on the text to match the rack focus I have in the original shot. By having the freedom of being able to control the text in after effects, I can easily create the blur to match my rack focus much easier then I would in c4d