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    Lightroom 5.5 download with cc


      I could not get lightroom 5.5 to work after downloading through the CC.  I did download a trial copy to keep going.  Is this problem fixed now so I can download through CC now?

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          Keith_Reeder Level 4

          Kinda depends on whether there is a problem to fix.


          What does "could not get Lightroom to work" actually mean in detail? Any error messages? Did it install but not work? Or were you unable to install it?


          And what's your OS?

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            adirondack_uk Level 1

            Sorry I was not specific enough.  I had the same problem noted by several

            folk when the new CC updates were announced.  I downloaded lightroom

            through the CC interface but it would not launch.  No error message,

            nothing just stunning silence.  Adobe suggested going to their site to do a

            download, which I did and it worked.  I would like to get a clean download

            through the cloud since I pay for this and I just wanted to know if adobe

            had fixed the CC download yet.  I am on windows.