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    Using Lightroom for Event Photography


      I use Lightroom for my entire workflow at events that I cover where I will import from multiple memory cards throughout the day.

      One of my basic Import Settings will achieve 90% of what I need but I will still spend time with every customer, helping them choose the photographs that they want printing and I will crop, make adjustments etc.

      This is fine until we get busy, then it is harder to spend the quality time with each customer.


      My question is this:


      How can I change my hardware setup so that I can have two or more laptops - or even tablets - where I can share these images for viewing with all synced adjustments etc.?

      I can setup a local adhco network but i can not sync to the CC servers.


      My competitors often have multiple screens where customers can browse, choose and even print images they want to buy.

      I have tried simply exporting files to another laptop and viewing in a photo browser but this is clumsy, not ideal and takes up too much time.


      i understand there are database issues preventing me from sharing a single catalogue but there must be some way I can do this.

      I hate having customers waiting and sometimes leaving because they can not see their photos.

      Thanks for any help