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    White box behind transparent images with drop shadow in InDesign CC 2014 (v.10) but not in InDesign CC (v.9)

    Christine Holzmann Level 1

      Hi all,


      Please can you help? No matter what settings I use in my print options in InDesign CC 2014 (v.10), ALL transparent images with a drop shadow are printing with a white box behind the image. If I remove the drop shadow, all prints fine. I know this is an old issue that happens with ID sometimes but I have been lucky enough to never have had it happen to me before! (All images are regular flattened TIFF images with clipping paths).


      Also, feathered edges are not printing correctly and are sharp instead of feathered.


      When I export the document to IDML and open it up in InDesign CC (v.9) all prints perfectly with no white boxes and feathered edges prints perfectly as well. I have compared all of the print settings (including color management, transparency flattener, etc.) between both versions and they are exactly the same. I am printing to a Xerox color laser printer. Can anyone offer any advice?


      Thank you so much,