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    Presenter 9 not publishing PDFs as the original -- formatting is "crazy"


      I'm using Presenter 9.0.2 Build 173.  It seems this is a new-er problem I have not seen before.


      I create "beautiful" layouts in the PowerPoint slide -- but then when I publish to a playable PDF, there are some slides that the layout goes "crazy" -- by adding 'returns' in random places... sometimes only placing one-letter at a time on a line.  This seems random to me.


      I've imagined there there might be some "invisible" codes inserted into the slide.... so on one specific presentation, I noted the problem areas (from viewing the PDF), and then went back into the "beautifully formatted" slides and re-worked the slide by re-typing the specific lines that went "crazy."


      This did not fix the problem (probably because there were no "invisible" codes anyway.)


      So OVERALL ... the problem is that -- I can prepare and "beautifully" format my slide deck, but then when I publish to a playable PDF, there are many/multiple slides where the formatting goes "crazy" (certainly not appearing like the original formatting.)


      This is a huge problem because, even when I re-work the "crazy" slides, the problem persists.  This is also a huge problem because I have NO CONFIDENCE that the work I've completed will appear "beautiful" -- but looks "crazy", wrong, and poorly presented.


      Thank you for your help.