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    CFGRID, was working in CF8 won't display results in CF11

    richardELeach Level 1



      I recently upgraded a client from CF 8 to CF 11.


      In the code is a CFGRID which was working in CF8 but now in CF11 the grid displays but no data appears (the grid is simply empty).


      With debugging enabled the Coldfusion Ajax Logger is reporting the following error:

      Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier (http://hiddenServer.com/index.cfm?action=job.manageJobOperations&jobId=2395&cfdebug, line 104)

      Line 104 is the "</cfgrid>" tag.

      Here is cfgrid code, complete with it's bound cfselect statement immediately before it:

      <cfselect name="primarysupplier" query="getconcretecompanies" display="name" value="id" required="yes"  />


      <cfgrid name="mixdesigns" format="html" bind="cfc:controller.Controller.getMixDesign({primarysupplier},{cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{c fgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection},{primaryconcrete:jobid})" bindonload="yes" height="400" selectmode="row" sort="yes" selectonload="false">

                                  <cfgridcolumn name="id" display="no" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="selectcode" select="yes" display="yes" header="Select" width="40" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="shortcompanyname" display="yes" header="Supplier" width="75" select="no" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="mixnumber" display="yes" header="Mix Number" width="75" select="no" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="psistrength" display="yes" header="PSI" width="45" select="no" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="cubicyardprice" display="yes" header="Price" width="50" select="no" />

                                      <cfgridcolumn name="description" display="yes" header="Description" width="180" select="no" />



      I've dumped the query that populates the cfselect and there are no empty rows.

      The console at the bottom of Chrome simply reports the same error, "Uncaught syntaxError. Unexpected identifier".


      Has anyone else encountered this issue? If nothing else I'd love to learn how to debug this error, it seems as if there is some extra data being fed to the cfgrid but I can't seem to trap it....




      Thanks in advance for your help,