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    Maximum x/y coordinate

      Is there any limit for x/y coordinate of MovieClip (real question is what is maximum x/y coordinate that MovieClip can have) ?

      Zaharije Pasalic
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          There is no real outer limit (or if there is, it's so high I've never hit it). Back in AS1 & 2 -- when you couldn't remove an object from the display list yet still keep it in memory -- I've routinely moved MCs off to 4000, just to have them out of my way. In any case, the limit is high enough that it's unlikely ever to be a problem for you.
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            zaharije Level 1
            Thanks for quick reply.
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              Rothrock Level 5
              I have seen the popular 16,000 or so pop up occasionally on the boards. It seems to be a range of 16000 so if you have something at -8000 and something else at 8000 you don't want to go any further!

              The problems seem to pop up usually with the drawing API and occasionally someone seems to "lose" a movie clip.
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                ggshow Level 2
                in flash 8, movieclip instance will lost its filters like glow & blur, when width or height is too large.

                I have a movieclip 100px*100px of size, I apply glow filter on it, it works.
                if i set the movieclip instance width to 2500, it works still,
                but when i set the movieclip instance width to 3000, it lost all its filters.

                not sure why, and not sure is the same problem happen on movieclip instance with x/y over a limit. may be someone here can explain.
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                  Rothrock Level 5
                  There is a limit of 2880 by 2880 pixels for bitmaps. This also applies to imported bitmaps. And I think any movieclip that uses filters is cached as a bitmap. Right?
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                    ggshow Level 2
                    I know 2880 is the limit of stage size,
                    but the problem is.. it is not 2880..

                    try this file,


                    the movieclip instance is missing when in 2840,
                    the blur effect is missing when in 2860
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                      Rothrock Level 5
                      Well that is very interesting. If I changed the filters to high quality then clips that were missing would come back, but without their filters.

                      I also adjusted them all so they were on whole pixels and all of integer height. Again I would get them all to show – as long as they were with high quality filters – but everything over 2840 didn't have its filter.

                      Don't know what to tell you other than 2840+19+19=2878 which is awfully close to 2880. Perhaps the glow filter sometimes has an extra sloppy pixel or two.

                      I guess the best advise is just to stay away from the 2800s!
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                        ggshow Level 2