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    help with loading new image from xml

    Damon Edwards Level 3
      i have an image carousel, images being pulled from xml..right now, when you click the image, it slides over and some text appears also comming from the same xml file.. xml set up like this
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <icon image="image/Dunne_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Eley,-Howard_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Gagne_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Hackney_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Hastings_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Klee,-Randall_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Rasmussen_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />
      <icon image="image/Snyder,-Chris_Lexan.crushed.png" content="Test" />

      what I would like to happen, is when the user clicks the image, and it slides over, I want a new image to appear from the same xml file
      here is my AS