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    Responsive not working with Animate Deployment Pckg (.oam)




      After creating and publishing an Edge Animate CC 2014 project, I attempted to deploy the animation to a web page by using Dreamweaver CC 2014  Insert > Media > Edge Animation Composition. This uses the .oam package file. All files Import OK and it adds an object tag to the page. So far, so good. But when the page is run in any browser, the object runs in a fixed state and is not responsive, even though I have checked off that option in Edge Animate before publishing the project.


      However, the animation runs fine in proper responsive mode when viewing the HTML page that is generated by the DW insert media process mentioned above. This page is located in the \Assets sub-folder of the \edgeanimate_assets\ folder. This html page only has one dependent file which is the xxxx_edgePerload.js file also located in the \Assets sub-folder. So, I tried copying and pasting the code from this html file into my normal web page and update the path to the .js file. But, nothing displays on the page.


      The site I'm attempting to add EA animations to is built on top of bootstrap 3.1.1. What is the best method of deployment so that my animations are responsive?


      Thank you