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    My placed images are coming in smaller than expected.


      I'm working on a book that will be printed and would like to make sure I'm getting all my images correct and at the right resolution.


      The images I want to place have a dimension of 1280 x 847 and a ppi of 300. I thought this would work fine.

      But when I place the image in InDesign the dimensions are about 307x203. I noticed in document presets that the page info has a PPI of 72, so I'm guessing that's what is causing my images to come in smaller. With the images set at the dimensions and ppi that they are though, how can I get them to actually come in at their full dimensions instead of shrinking down? Or is there no way to do this and I need the original photos to be much larger? Obviously I can't take the 307x203 image and scale it up past 100%, so I need to figure out how to get that 1280x847 image in here.


      (I'm working with A4 page size in landscape view, and want these images to be full bleed on some of the pages)