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    dimmed images in LR5 won't load.  Why?


      I have problems loading lightroom5 with images that are dimmed and that may be dulplicates.  Experts talk about syncing or finding the images but you can't right click/sync if the sync option doesn't appear when I try to find it.  How do I sync images in a folder on my desktop which may contain images already in LR5 in an external HD? 

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          dj_paige Level 9

          If the photo is dimmed in the Import dialog box, then this means that Your photos are already in Lightroom, and you do not need to import or synchronize folders again (in fact, you do not want to import or synchronize them again)


          Simply go to the Library module and search for these photos — turn off all filters, click on "All Photographs", expand all stacks, and then search — since you know the file name(s), you can search for them by file name.