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    Paragraph styles

    Baseline Level 1

      Hi- I'm returning to page design after long career as an Visual Journalist.


      Question: When laying out any brochure and after placing text do you go through this text assigning fonts font styles font sizes indentations ect., return, reselect the fonts and assign it a paragraph style? Or do you create your paragraph styles first?

      Seems like it would be difficult to create paragraph styles when you're still in the early design stages of your layouts.


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Create the paragraph the way you want. With it selected, choose new

          paragraph style from the paragraph styles panel menu. It will be created

          using the attributes of the selected paragraph.

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            Baseline Level 1

            Don't you need to go through the paragraph and assign individual paragraph styles?







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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              You can set them either way, i.e. you can set the paragraph the way you want it to look and then assign a Paragraph Style to it (as Bob describes above) or alternatively set up the styles first in the Paragraph Styles panel and then assign them to your text.


              Also, understand about Character Styles. That is where you apply a style such as bold and/or italic within a paragraph style.


              And, of course, there's also Object Styles, for guess what – Yes – applying style to objects, such as fills and borders.

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                Baseline Level 1

                Thanks Bob let me try to illustrate my confusion.


                Example paragraph with subheads, body text and paragraph indention.

                1. I would drop in text.  2. Go through text selecting and assigning font styles 3. Select new formatted  subhead....create new paragraph style....select text paragraph...assign new paragraph style.


                The quick brown dog......... Subhead with font styles

                    Aconsequis doluptur ma.......Body text font with paragraph indent

                pel ipsanihit lam, que voloria
                comnis moluptas et molendi di

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  If your text is formatted consistently, but has no styles assigned, Jongware's script might be useful: PerfectPrepText: A smart way to style local ... - InDesign Secrets

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                    Danny Whitehead. Level 4

                    If I'm starting with raw, unformatted text, I tend to establish my Body Paragraph Style first, and apply that to all the text. Then I'll select a paragraph that I want to be in the next style up the hierarchy (say Subhead), create a new Paragraph Style and define its attributes. Then I'll make my Heading style based on the Subheading style. That way, everything is inherited from that Body style, so if you want to, say, change the font throughout the document, you go back and edit the Body style.


                    Also, you can assign shortcut keys to Paragraph Styles for quicker application.