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    Can't extract files from Premiere Elements 12 Download


      I keep getting the following message when trying to extract the files from my recently purchased Premiere Elements 12 downloads:


      "Problem while extracting.  Check available space and the write privileges on destination folder."


      I do not think there is any problem with write privileges as I am operating as administrator and I am not sure what they mean by available space - I should have plenty of hard disk space (755 GB available) and RAM (5.4 GB).


      Despite the message, I can see that a Premier Elements 12 folder, with 2 separate subfolders ("PRE 12" and "ReadMe") have been extracted with numerous files in the PRE 12 folder.  When I try to click on the files that appear to be the Windows Installer files I get a message that says "Not enough space is available to process this command."  While several read me files are available, none will open.


      I would appreciate any help that can be provided.  



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          Only last night a user went through the same situation as you are going through. Details are important. For now I am assuming that your computer is Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. If other post immediately to let me know.


          1. You need two files from Adobe, one .exe and the other .7z. If you have a 64 bit computer operating system

          make sure the you see 64 in the name of the file.


          2. Assure that you have antivirus and firewall disabled.


          3. Right click the .exe file and select Run As Administrator. The double click the .exe to Run it. This will lead

          you into the 7z which is the program.


          If the desktop is not working as the destination for the Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Folder which will be present after the 7z has completed, then set it to Documents.


          In the Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Folder, double click the PRE12 Folder to find the Setup.exe from which you will

          install the program.


          I will be back in a moment to add the link to last night's thread where we went through what you are going through now.


          Make sure at the onset that you have the right files to be used with your specific operating system.




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