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    Fireworks slices not fitting together when I put them in HTML

    copperstick Level 1

      I created a map of the world, created slices for the continents and made them rollovers with links to pages.


      I exported it as slices with HTML Dreamweaver because I am using Dreamweaver for layout. I tried to export it as something else but it wouldn't let me put in the code in Dreamweaver saying it wasn't Dreamweaver HTML or some such error.


      I preview and open the file by itself and it shows fine (with blue lines, another issue I know)


      I have a DIV on my page for the map. I inserted the fireworks HTML file and its not fitting together anymore, the sections are all separated a bit, they still rollover and link but all my slices are not fitting together correctly and not fitting into the DIV.


      I am not opposed to exporting it differently or putting it in the page another way, has anyone experience their sliced image not fitting together, each piece working but with a bit of air inbetween once you try to incorporate it into your webpage? I have been using HTML5 and CSS3 and this is my first time to try to use Fireworks for something like this.


      Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to offer.