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    RAM Preview in real time with Matrox Mini

    FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1

      I followed this thread with interest. I upgraded from Production Premium CS5 to CS6 last month. I haven't been able to get Realtime RAM playback since. I'm also monitoring using a Matrox mini and am wondering if this is factoring into the problem. I recently replaced my mini because I was losing communication with the box. I did notice, with the box out of the equation, that RAM playback was in realtime. My test comp runs 5 seconds at 29.97 fps, just a photo moving from point a to b to c, with blur, over black. When I try RAM playback, the message I see is: fps 11.xxx (xxx because the frames vary slightly throughout playback)/29.97. Note: Zoom in not 100%. Interesting thing is that when I delete the photo layer and just keep the black, RAM playback seems fine.


      I did adjust my RAM allocation a little, to no effect. Here are my specs:



      Windows 7 Professional, SP1

      i7-4930k 3.4 GHz (6 cores, 12 with hyperthreading)

      RAM: 32 GB

      GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770


      Here are some memory settings:

      Installed RAM: 31.9 GB

      RAM for other applications: 6 GB

      RAM shared by AE, Premiere, Prelude, Encore, Adobe Media Encoder, Photoshop: 25.9


      Installed CPUs: 12

      CPU reserved for other applications: 2

      RAM per CPU: 2 GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used: 8


      Preview info:

      Texture memory: 796 MB

      Ray-tracing: GPU


      Open GL

      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

      Versions: 2/1/2

      Total memory: 1.94 GB

      Shader model: 4.0 or later



      Driver version: 6.0

      Devices: 1 (GeForce GTX 770)

      GeForce GTX 770

      Current Usable Memory: 1.68 GB (at application launch)

      Maximum Usable Memory: 2.00 GB


      Let me know what else I can tell you. Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          If you disable video preview in After Effects to the Matrox device, does RAM preview run in real time?


          In After Effects CS6: Preferences > Video Preview, set Output Device to Computer Monitor Only. Matrox devices may also require you to disable WYSIWYG preview in their control panel.


          When video preview is enabled, every frame is transcoded on the fly at display time to the format (dimensions, PAR, frame rate) requested by the device. This requires some memory and processor power and has an impact on performance. If having video preview enabled is in fact contributing to the issue, you can reduce the memory requirements of the frame (and therefore the processing power required) by reducing the RAM preview frame rate or resolution values in the Preview panel, reduce the project color depth, or disable color management in the Project Settings.


          Worth noting here that After Effects CC 2014 (13.0) uses Mercury Transmit for video preview, instead of the older QuickTime and DirectShow technologies, and while it is still subject to the limitations above it provides better performance.

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            FamilyLegacyVideo Level 1

            Hi, Tim.

            Thanks for your suggestion. I already had the Output Device set to Computer Monitor Only. So far, the only way I get real time RAM preview is by having the Matrox mini powered down.and Ray Tracing set to GPU. I've got one more session scheduled with Matrox tech support tomorrow. If we can't find a solution, I may just go back to CS5. Between the Matrox issue with CS6 AE RAM playback, AE not recognizing QuickTime and Premiere dropping frames (also a Matrox-related issue), this upgrade has cost me much time and angst. While I like CS6 otherwise, I have to go with what works. So fingers crossed we find a solution tomorrow. Thanks again - happy to hear any other suggestions.  Cheers, Steve