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    Best Laptop/Screen Suited for Photoshop & Color


      Tried to be as specific as possible in the title. I'm looking for a portable workstation where my primary focus is painting in Photoshop, and various other 3D apps.


      Does anyone have some advice in regards to what sort of specs make up a good display within a laptop, or even some newer models that live up to it well?


      Thanks ahead of time, I'll write below what I've been looking at so far, and my budget.


      Asus N550JV


      Asus Zenbook UX31A


      Asus Zenbook ZX500  ( think I found a major contender?!)


      Budget: 2500-ish


      Thanks guys!

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Laptop displays are usually not suited for color critical work, except a few very expensive models. The alternative is simply not to expect too much, and get a good external display later.


          With a few exceptions laptop displays use TN panel technology (just like inexpensive office/gaming monitors). The most obvious problem with this (among many others) is that the viewing angle is extremely restricted - to the point where, if you look at it straight on, the top third of the screen is too dark and the bottom third is washed out. It's hard to make good decisions when the whole image changes if you shift a little in your chair. As a minimum you should look for one with an IPS display, which doesn't have these problems. But even so, laptops can be difficult to calibrate and profile properly, for a number of reasons.

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            Amac_ Level 1

            I guess I should had stated that I need a laptop no questions asked, I need it to be portable. If an external monitor was an option I may as well get a desktop... I'm aware of laptop's short comings but what I was hoping to gain from this post was information on current models that fulfill decent photo editing specs, in regards to laptops.. not desktop solutions..


            So those expensive models you mentioned would be a good start. Would you mind sharing them with me? I've linked a model I'm pretty interested in, and would like the opinion of the community on it's potential and maybe any other models they know of that can match it.


            Thanks again.


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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I haven't used laptops for some time, for precisely this reason. Otherwise they're quite handy and usually plenty fast enough.


              Actually I think a Macbook Pro is your best bet. The specs don't say, but I seem to remember they have IPS displays now (correct me if I'm wrong someone).